We offer competition pathways for everyone, literally from age 6 years, up!

Tennis Hot Shots holistic teaching philosophy is to encourage kids to “serve, rally and score” and to play the game, not only learn the strokes, as fast as possible.

Competition creates a love of the game and acts as the “cement” which keeps kids motivated to develop their skills through coaching. Of course the more you play, also, the faster you will improve.

For best results we therefore recommend playing weekly competition, combined with coaching, as they both extend and justify the other.

We understand some parents are time poor, we understand that lots of kids just want to have fun playing the game and we also understand that a few children want to become the best they can – and are willing to work for it.

Our competition programs begins by entering our, Friday Night World Tour, first through our Hot Shots Leagues in Red [age 6-8 ], to Orange [age 8-10] and Green ball [age 10-12] and after for older players progressing through to our Social Doubles and Fast4 format for teenagers.

For pupils who cannot commit to a regular weekly format we offer our Hot Shots Grand Slam Tournaments [Australian French, Wimbledon, US and Masters] on the first Friday of each holiday break which mimic the dates of the real Grand Slams.

Many children like to make a more formal commitment and join our Clubs and play in week-end Association Competition. For the most serious they can play in [O.J.T.] Junior Tournaments bronze, silver, golds and platinum tournaments as they acquire a National Ranking [refer to Player Pathways page.]

At all our competitions and tournaments we recognize the three “F”:

Fear *we have qualified coach’s supervise matches *we have many quick short matches against many different opponents *parents are welcome to stay, watch, support – but please let us coach!

Fair *we grade players with similar standard players *we use modified equipment to make the game fit the kid *we teach kids to come to the coach for support *we teach kids how to resolve disputes

Fun *by placing more emphasis on belonging, than simply winning, we foster a friendly and fun environment *tennis is a team game and doubles is a great way of making new friends