The World Of Tennis

Hot Shot Leagues / Teenage Doubles / Fast4 Tennis

Your tennis journey begins with our Friday night starter comps for all first time Hot Shots, or the time poor teenager, or for older kids who just want to play the more exciting format of Fast4. These internal comps are often pupils first step in their Competition pathways.

MINI Grand Slam Tournaments

For pupils wanting to try out their first tournament experience our Hot Shots Grand Slam Tournaments series follows the world circuit through out the year. We conduct MINI Aussie, French, Wimbledon, US and Masters tournaments. All tournaments are open to all players [below 12 years] and is a unisex round robin format.

Junior Association Competition [Under 18]

To play in any Club Association Comp you need to be a member of a club. Juniors may play senior comps if their playing standard is high enough! There is normally a summer and winter season. Although many players stay in our Fast 4 and Teenage Doubles Friday Comp until old age 16+ many move to the more formal Club Association Fixtures as the next phase of their competition pathway. Club fixtures furthers your experience playing in a team representing your club. All our clubs offer external Saturday, and Sunday, Junior Comp through their local associations. Grades start from D to A grade for the best association players. Players need to be able to play full court tennis and serve from the baseline with no ball, or court, modifications. Players are graded by our coaches.

Saturday Association Competition

Saturday weekend comp is a slightly less serious form of comp. Its caters for the players who are either not willing to play Tennis Victoria Pennant comp, or, who prefer a more social experience. There are grades from low to high level pennant players. Teams can be both male and females, or, just the one gender. There are also teams who play singles/doubles or just doubles.

Night Association Competition

Night comp is ideal for the time poor adult. Grades cater for the best local players through to the more social player. Matches commence at 7 pm or 7.30 pm till approximately 10 pm most nights of the week. Once again you must be a member to be eligible to play.

Ladies Association Competition

Ladies comp is held Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 10 am till 2 pm approximately. There are many formats and grades from social level to former and current Pennant players. East Malvern Tennis Club and Ardrie Park Tennis Clubs, have between them, a huge array of grades to choose from.

Tennis Victoria - Pennant Competition

Tennis Victoria Pennant is the only metropolitan wide comp that caters for all the best players in metro Melbourne. This is a serious comp which caters for the best tennis players [junior are welcome!] in Victoria from Grade One, the best 100 or so players in Victoria, down to Grade 16, the lowest grade. Pennant is for players who want to test their skill against the best in Melbourne in singles one week and doubles the next. Be prepared to travel, as some matches may be held as far away as Geelong!

National Premier League

Premier League is for the best 30 odd players in Victoria, often ex-internationals or the best 18 year old juniors, and is held mid-November to mid-December.

European Team Tennis & US Collegiate Tennis

Playing the professional ATP circuit is not cheap! To finance their travels many players travel to Europe to play for example, in Germany, in paid team comps. These comps cater for some of the best lower tier internationals players. The highest leagues have some of the best players in the world playing. Another popular pathway that players choose is to gain sponsorship into the US Collegiate system. The US offers huge opportunities to follow a professional tennis career whilst gaining a free education.

The ATP World Circuit: Futures, Challenger, Pro and Grand Slam Tournaments

The International Circuit has many levels, from the lowest tier Futures events open to low ranked ATP players, to Challenger events for players ranked approximately from 150 or higher, to Pro circuit players from 50-100 and then finally to the elite Grand Slam tournaments.

Davis/Federation Cups

The highest competition format in world tennis is to represent your country in either the Davis Cup [Men] or the Federation Cup [women].

ITF Vets Tennis - National & International Events

But it doesn't stop there! Some players find their feet whilst others are retiring. Just when you think its all over the whole world of Vets Tennis starts from 35 and over and every age group every five years until over 85! There are World and National Championships and tournaments and team events representing your country - all over the world. Some of the best fun in tennis comes when you retire! There are world ranking for all age groups male and female, singles and doubles.