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Newcombe Medalists


  • Futures Tennis has been recognized by Tennis Australia as a national multi-award winning Newcombe Medalist.
  • We have thirty years of experience and history.
  • As one of only fifteen nationally recognized Hot Shots mentors we are considered "Hot Shots" specialists.
  • Among our venues we have the largest community club in Victoria offering modern facilities with a vast selection of services & programs.
  • Convenience & comfort! We're large enough to cater for your every need, but small enough, to know you by name.

National & State Awards
2010 Winner Tennis Coaches Association of Victoria "Club Coach of the Year"
2011 Winner Victorian Tennis Awards "Most Outstanding - Hot Shots Excellence"
2011 Winner Australian Tennis Awards "Most Outstanding - Hot Shots Excellence"
2012 Winner Australian Tennis Awards "Most Outstanding - Club Coach Excellence"
2016 Winner Australian Tennis Awards "Most Outstanding - Club/Centre East Malvern Tennis Club"

What we believe & value?

We believe in inspiring the next generation of tennis players, and particularly, pride ourselves on developing and growing participation at the grassroots level. Therefore, our goal, is to develop family friendly community tennis hubs where people come to play our great game.

Furthermore, since playing tennis requires a range of "life skills" we also believe tennis enhances peoples lives . Obviously tennis is about developing a players technical, tactical, physical and psychological skills, but, it also develops the social, emotional and behavioural skills as well. 

The sport of Tennis commenced in Europe, at the end of the 11th century, when players first hit the ball with the palm of their hands. After 800 years, to this day, it remains a truly unique world leader in sport!

It can be a, team or individual sport, equally as popular with boys and girlsYou umpire it between yourself and your opponent. You can play with and/or against the same and the opposite sex e.g. mixed doubles. The game is based on standard, not age, therefore you can play with and against all age groups.  You can play it with the entire family, all year round, with minimal equipment, indoors or out and whilst playing, without realising, you are engaging in a healthy lifestyle. It is played by all countries, with equal opportunity, world wide, including adding to the game their own diverse cultures, religions and ethnicities. Subsequently, it is the most inclusive of sports with a rich and long history of bringing people together, all over the world, for your entire life. No wonder it has lasted for so long...

Lastly, since 1973, we have had the first professional sports people paid to play with equal pay for male and females, right back when a young Aboriginal girl called Evonne Goolongong from outback Australia became the first mother to be crowned the number one player in the World. What an amazing sport! 

This is why we love the game and this is why we promise to promote and foster it at every opportunity. 



We start kids Futures!