For our pupils 13 years above - Twilight Holiday Camp

Teenage Twilight Camps 4-6PM DAILY

This program is tailored specifically for the teenager of all levels. Unique features of this program include: fitness activities, match play, video analysis, match statistic and use of "Sam" the ball machine. To avoid the midday sun we offer these daily Camps from 4-6 pm. Futures offers weekly, or daily, options during the school holidays. Teenage camps are a fantastic way to fast track pupil’s improvement with 10 hours of coaching packed over five evenings. Some pupils choose to attend just one, or a mix of different days, to work on a specific shot whilst the discount weekly program offers pupils all technical and tactical aspect of the game. Roger Federer with some of our FUTURES TEENAGE CAMP kids!

WEEKLY 5 DAY PROGRAM 4-6pm Daily $45

Monday: Forehand | Backhand | FEATURES: Topspin Pro teaching aid

Tuesday: Volleys | Smash | Approach shots | FEATURES: Sam the ball machine

Wednesday: Serve | Return | FEATURES: Video analysis

Thursday: Match play: singles & doubles | FEATURES: Stats

Friday: Revision & Players choice | FEATURES: Fitness & Games

Book for the week and get ONE DAY FREE!