We start kids Futures!

Hot Shots GREEN doubles comp has two sections, 1 [4-5.30pm] and 2 [5.30-7pm], and uses a 75% compression ball on a full size court and is ideal for junior pupils between 10-12 years old.

All pupils boys and girls, play against, and with, different players every week making the comp fun and social as the kids meet new partners. Qualified coaches organise and supervise the comp.

As with all our comps there are trophies for the winner and runner –up and a Pizza, Presentation & Party night at the end of the season.

Scores awarded: 2 points for attending, 1 point for a draw, 2 points for a win. 

[NB: In the unlikely event of a draw at the end of the term, a count-back on the HIGHEST TOTAL ATTENDANCES of each player for the term will determine the winner of the competition.]


Green Ball 1 - Term 3 2021 

TIME 4 - 5.30pm

Scores updated 03/08/2021

Amelie Hodge 6
Audrey Schiff 4
Elizabeth Christie 6
Emanual Tsiplakis 6
Henry McIntosh 3
James Beveridge -
Tully Cussen 6
Zachary Adams 2
Isabel Schoenwaelder 4

GREEN Ball 2 - Term 3 2021  

TIME 5.30 - 7pm

Updated 03/08/2021

Henry Mills 4
Kieran Mariasegaram 4
Lawrence King 4
Sam Pappas -
Zachary Wong 4
Luke Spierings 6
Oliver Dienstbach* 4
Monty Clarke* -