Hot Shots Tour RED Ball Leagues

RED Friday 4-4.45pm

Hot Shots RED Ball is played on the mini mourt [quarter court] with the same modified equipment as our Hot Shots Red Ball classes and emphasises the FUNdamentals of singles match play. The key is the 25% low compression ball which allows for a slower flight path and a lower bounce making it easier for little kids to start a rally. Rules are modified and the scoring system is simplified. Kids play all competitors in quick succesion each night in a round robin multiple match format. We offer two grades, 1 and 2, based on experience.

FTA Director Wes, supervises and co-ordinate all matches working on young kids social skills such as: taking turns, spinning the racquet to decide who serves, waiting for the opponent to be ready before serving, shaking hands, calling "out", keeping the score and, most importantly, how to resolve disputes. We recognise and monitor the three "F's" of competition: Fair, Fun and Fear! 

The comp emphasizes participation and is the first step towards becoming an independent player. All players who can start a rally should be playing this Comp. At the end of the season we hold a Pizza, Presentation & Party Night. There are trophies for the Winner and Runner-up and prizes for all kids. 



We start kids Futures!


Points are allocated by TOTAL points won each match. 

[N.B. In the unlikely event of an end of season draw, a count-back on the HIGHEST TOTAL ATTENDANCES of each player for the term will determine the winner of the competition.]

Honour Role 

TERM 2 2019 Winners Zachary Wong and Tahlia Dinn

RED BALL SINGLES Comp [Scores updated 17/9/19]

Maeve Cunningham 181
Angus Cussen 181
Reggie clarke 267
Patrick Lewison 175
Zoe Oza 203
Seb Lee 228
Paranjay Modi 270