What Is Hot Shots?

Hot Shots is the best and fastest approach for kids aged 3 to 12 to learn to play tennis. There are four stages of Hot Shots. As pupils grow and progress the environment & equipment they use is scaled to the physiology and age of the pupil. Futures Tennis use unique systems learnt from over 40 years of experience including: blended coaching, detailed lessons plans for each lesson and half court challenges. We offer Hot Shots coaching all week nights and Saturday mornings. In 2011 Futures won Most Outstanding Hots Shots Academy - Australian Tennis Awards. We continue to be Hot Shot specialists and a national leader. We are one of only a few academies in Australia to have an aligned coaching & competition Hot Shots pathway to make the game easier and more fun to play.

75% low compression ball & quarter court

LAUNCH PAD  Ages 3-5

The Launch Pad Fundamental Motor Skill [FMS} program starts the Hot Shots journey. This program has two levels 1 and 2. Our small groups guarantee toddlers develop FMS skills transferable to tennis: tracking, movement, balance etc in a fun and dynamic environment. We use small 19 inch racquet, 75% low compression ball, small 1/4 modified net and court to scale the equipment to the child. Pupils in level 1 are competent at FMS and level 2 can do a sequence of coach fed shots before progressing to Red Ball.

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75% low compression balls & 1/2 court

RED BALL Ages 5-8

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Our Red ball program has three levels 1, 2 & 3 based upon pupils rallying competence and uses a 25% low compression ball on a 1/2 court. Pupils learn to become independent players and can "serve, rally and score" using Play Based Approach Methodology. The emphasis in red ball is learning to rally with modified stroke development in accordance with the skill and cognitive level of students. Coaches also develop social skills due to pupils having to take turns, work in pairs, listen and engage.

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All coaching have aligned competition pathways in our Friday Night Leagues


50% low compression balls & 3/4 size courts


Orange ball also has two levels 1 & 2 and uses a 50% low compression ball on a 3/4 size court. Having a scaled learning environment assists with both explicit and implicit learning. Over 70% of all orange ball kids learn through incidental learning. Our unique blended court class set up maximises learning by offering skills coaching on one half court whilst on the other we set tasks which motivates pupils to learn in pairs. Pupils are at an age where technical development is the highest priority.

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All coaching have aligned competition pathways in our Friday Night Leagues


25% low compression balls & full court

GREEN BALL Ages 9-12

Green ball also has two levels 1 and 2 and uses a 25 % low compression ball so that the ball bounces lower into the hitting zone of pupils. Our low class ratio guarantees players maximise their time on court. Our blended court class set up allows pupils direct coaching on one half of the court whilst also setting motivating challenges on the other half. We have an individual athlete emphasis working on each pupils within our set weekly lesson plans. Green ball is the last stage before the teenage yellow ball program with no modifications.

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All coaching have aligned competition pathways in our Friday Night Leagues.



Our ten most capable and dedicated male and female Hot Shots players from red, orange and green are invited into our Hot Shot Team Squads. The program runs for 60 minutes. Players invited to attend must show above average dedication, ability and attitude. To guarantee a quality program players are selected by invitation only. To be invited pupils must participate in two, or more, weekly programs. Team players also receive special privileges e.g invitation to Kids on Court at the Australian Open.