FAST4 Singles/Doubles Comp [5.30-7pm]

The FAST4 comp is on Friday from 5.30-7 pm and is the most advanced comp within our "in house" competition.

Many players also play Club Competitions and use this format as a Friday night warm up, or some players due to week-end school sport commitments, play this comp as their only means of playing match play.

Other just play it because of the COOL format! This singles/doubles comps is ideal for squad pupils.

The pizza & presentation night end of season party is always a huge hit with pupils.


We start kids Futures!

FAST4 LADDERS TERM 4 [5.30-7 pm] 2018 

Singles/Doubles Format - 30 minute matches, no lets, sudden death at deuce.

Scores are awarded for 2 points for attending, 1 point for a draw, 2 points for a win. 

[NB: In the unlikely event of a draw at the end of the term, a count-back on the HIGHEST TOTAL ATTENDANCES of each player for the term will determine the winner of the competition.]

Honour Role

TERM THREE 2018 - Fast Four Comp 

Winner: Athanasios Pirpiris, Runner Up: Keelan Hale

Fast4 Ladder [Scores updated 03/12/18 ]

Alex Pook   25
Athanasios Pirpiris 27
Sophie Hood Smith 13
Ethan Oyston 37
Kanella Pirpiris 35
Keelan Hale 32
Harrison McGrath 20
Thomas Bassett 25
Claudia Welsh 20