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    East Malvern Tennis Club wins the Newcombe Medal for Most Outstanding Club in Australia 2016 video


    About Us

    Futures Tennis has been operating for 30 years and is one of the largest academies in Melbourne. We pride ourselves on being a family friendly community tennis hub. FTA Director, Wes Horskins, is a Tennis Australia Master Club Professional. He is a  former ATP & Australian Open main draw player and one of fifteen National Hot Shots ambassadors. Wes also has a Diploma of Education majoring in PE. Futures Tennis major club,  East Malvern Tennis Club, is the largest Community Tennis Club in Victoria with over 1000 members.

    Awards:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      2010 Winner TCAV Club Coach of the Year; 2011 Winner Tennis Victoria Hot Shots Excellence & Winner Tennis Australia Hot Shots Excellence; 2012 Winner Australian Tennis Awards Club Coach Excellence

    COME ‘n’ TRY US! 
     Easter 2017 Holiday Clinics and Hot Shots Tournament

    Our Methodology

    tennis play and stay logo The International Tennis Federation have conducted exhaustive research into what and how is the best and fastest approach for kids from ages 3-10 to learn to play tennis and have recommended play based approach as world best practice. Futures Tennis Academy is one of only fifteen nation wide Hot Shots Ambassadors trained and endorsed by Tennis Australia to teach kids to serve, rally and score from virtually their first class. Teaching tennis for children of all ages, at last, has a clear pathway and a holistic approach for developing players as the balls and court sizes change as pupils become older/better.

    Competition – Playing the Game


    Futures Tennis strongly recommends playing matches in competition for 7 years and above. We offer a variety of comps including our Holiday Grand Slam Hot  Shots Tournaments and our weekly Friday Night “World Tour”. It is important to play comp in conjunction with coaching, as each program justifies and extends the other. To participate in just one program is to do only half the job and, of course, by playing at least twice per week there is also more likelihood of improvement. Importantly we recognise more emphasis on fun and belonging than simply winning.

    Learning the Game

    Tennis is an open skill game as each shot is performed in an unpredictable and changing environment, which then dictates how and when a skill is to be performed. Tennis is a game played in pairs who rally the ball back and forward – first you receive the ball [reception] and then you send it back [projection]. The serve is the only closed skill shot in the game as you are totally responsible for the outcome of the shot. Therefore at a young age receiving skills [anticipation, perception, movement, decision making and foot work] are equally, if not more important, than sending skills [i.e. technique]. We sequentially teach tennis skills sets of which technique is just one of many skills sets to be learnt. Some of our coaching may look different to traditional coaching. Gone are the days where a coach artificially feeds, throws or drops balls from a stand still start to a pupils out stretched racquet. Our goal is to teach “real” skills that stay with pupils for life. We try to make kids understand the movement cycle. We practice activities so that pupils learn to work together in pairs correctly reading the flight of the ball [the speed, height, direction, spin] and how to move into a balanced hitting position, execute the shot and finally to recover ready for the next cycle to begin. These things form the fundamental building blocks to a rally and “real” tennis.

    court sizes diagram Progressive Stages

    In each stage of the program – red , orange , green , yellow – ball the court, balls and skills being taught become more challenging. The diagram describes the different court sizes we use for each colour ball.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                Pro Shop – Racquets & 24hr Restrings

    Futures Tennis sells exclusively HEAD racquets.  HEAD have the most professional players using their racquets world wide including world number 1 Novak Djokovic & Maria Sharapova. Our professional coaches can offer advice about a new racquet or restring at our fully stocked Pro Shop onsite at East Malvern Tennis Club. See Pro Shop. 

    Junior Programs

    Hot Shots Starter Program [3-12 years]

    Launch Pad 1 & 2  Our FMS program starts the Hot Shots journey for  3-6 year old’s. This program has two sub stages level 1 and 2 and concentrates on fundamental motor skills, stroke recognition and development. By the end of the program pupils will be proficient at doing numerous F.M.S. skills and be able to recognize all the majors strokes. They will also be able perform a basic forehand, backhand, forehand volley and smash combination.

    Red Ball 1,2 & 3 : 7-8 yrs 1/4 court 25% low compression balls. This program has 3 stages.

    Orange Ball 1 & 2 : 8-9 yrs 3/4 court 50% low compression balls. This program has 2 stages.

    Green Ball 1 & 2 : 10-12 yrs full size court 75% low compression balls. This program has 2 stages.     

    To see our coaching competencies for all levels of our Hot Shots [3-12yr old] program click here – Hot Shots Program Competencies for Red, Orange and Green. All pupils/parents in our Hot Shots program receive a Report Card assessing pupils development.

    Monday Nights 4-4.45pm classes
    Monday Nights 4-4.45pm classes
    Tuesday Night 4-4.45pm classes
    Tuesday Night 4-4.45pm classes
    Wednesday Night 4-4.45pm classes
    Wednesday Night 4-4.45pm classes
    Thursday Night 4-4.45pm classes
    Thursday Night 4-4.45pm classes
    Junior Squads [12 & older]

    Junior Squads is our full court championship yellow ball program and has four levels. It  offer a smaller ratio and longer lesson time and although available for all ages are usually offered to graduates from our Hot Shots Program [12 years and older].

    Talent Development Squads

    futures teams coachingWe invite the 10 most capable players from red, orange and green Hot Shots into our Talent Development Squads. They play on numerous occasions per week as they are trying to achieve their full potential. These players often play Hot Shots tournaments. These pupils make up the sixty best Hot Shot players in our academy. Players in these squads are selected to represent Futures in Challenge Matches and to play exhibition matches at the Aussie Open.

    High Performance Squads

    The very best of each level of our Junior Squads Program are invited to join our HP squads. These squads go for 90 min. and are taken exclusively by Head Coaches.  Our program includes the latest coaching aids: fast feet ladders, ball machine and video analysis.

    Private & Semi Private Classes

    Futures Tennis also offer private classes seven days a week to either supplement or extend pupils development.

    Cardio Work Out Tennis

    A fitness based, calorie killing, Cardio Tennis workout for junior or seniors alike.



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