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Tell us what your aspirations are and we will lead you in the right direction with your own personalised and tailored package of: coaching | competition | membership programs. Whether it be simply playing for fun and fitness with friends, or to become a Wimbledon champion, Futures Tennis offers you a huge variety of programs and packages.

Being a life time sport your tennis journey will enrich and personally develop you from the diverse range of experiences, life long friends [both genders], the fitness, well-being and the sense of accomplishment.

Check out below how islands correspond to other islands to enjoy and savour before moving on!

Book in for a FREE HOTS SHOTS ASSESSMENT LESSON or call our office to design your own package.


KIDS packages: Hot Shots [HS] group lesson with weekly competition HS leagues OR term HS tournaments.

Futures Tennis Hot Shots program for 3-12 year olds starts our players journey. Each island is to be enjoyed for the developmental stage that it is. As Hot Shots progress the equipment [low compression balls, mini courts, racquets] and program are scaled to the age, size and cognitive ability of the pupil. So simply enjoy each island until you're coach assesses that you are developmentally and physically ready to progress.

TEENAGE packages: Squad lessons with private lesson with either, or both, Club comp and Junior tournaments.

ADULTS packages: Group lesson with Club night competition OR Cardio tennis with Futures social competition.