What is Tennis Hot Shots?

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Some years ago the I.T.F. [International Tennis Federation] launched a world wide study to see how to fast track tennis development and learning. After exhaustive research they recommended “Play Based Approach” as the best and fastest way for kids to learn to play tennis. Tennis “Hot Shots” is Tennis Australia’s version of this exciting new grassroots coaching and competition program which was launched on Margaret Court Arena during the 2008 Australian Open when a few select and lucky academies [we were one of them!] were chosen to present to the spectators an exhibition of the Hot Shots Comp. After some four years there are already close to 200,00 kids playing Hot Shots in Australia alone. World wide millions of kids are using modified equipment scaled to their age and needs to learn to play tennis. Scaled equipment modified to the physiology of kids includes:  three different levels of low compression balls [red, orange and green balls],  smaller nets, shorter racquets and three modified courts dimensions [1/4, 1/2 and full court] which make the game easier and more fun to play.

Tennis is under constant pressure from all sports for junior participants. Competition is fierce especially from grassroots programs in sports such as AFL, soccer, netball, cricket, rugby and rugby league. Hot Shots seeks to match and better other national grassroots programs as the program is run by full time, qualified Tennis Australia Coaches as opposed to volunteers or parents. The program has extremely low ratio’s compared to other programs and offer links with local schools and clubs for membership and other more advanced competition pathways. There are three levels of Hot Shots: Red Ball [3-8 yrs], Orange Ball [8-10 yrs] and Green Ball [10-12 yrs].

Tennis Hot Shots is aimed at modifying the game for primary school students between the ages of 3-12 year old’s who are either participating, or potentially participating, in tennis coaching or club activities. This gives children across Australia a chance to get involved in the ‘Game for Life’ – Tennis.

To enrol in our modified Hot Shots Coaching and /or Competition please email or call us. Comp is held on Friday nights at EMTC from 4-5.30pm in Red, Orange and Green ball. Below are some photo’s of our day at the AUSTRALIAN OPEN which included a live exhibition match on channel seven’s “Sunrise” program.