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Launch Pad Lessons

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The Launch Pad program starts the Hot Shots journey for 3-5 year old’s. This popular program concentrates on having a "learning environment" scaled to the size of a toddler. It has two sub stages, level 1 and 2, and develops fundamental motor skills, stroke recognition, stroke development and of course FUN!

Our small groups guarantee toddlers will develop skills transferable to all sports in a fun and dynamic environment. By using scaled equipment to match the size of the pupil: small 21 inch racquet, 25% low compression ball, small red ball court we make the game "FIT" the kids.

Futures Tennis were the Newcombe Medal winners at the prestigious Australian Tennis Awards for "Most Outstanding Hot Shots Coach" in Australia in 2011 and we are one of only 15 coaches nation wide to be a Hot Shots mentor.


Launch Pad 1 [3-4 years]

Develops the fundamental motor skills relevant to toddlers to develop specific tennis skills i.e. tracking, moving, throwing, bouncing & catching, balance and basic striking often using a stay ball stand like the one in the picture. Other teaching aids used include balance beams, ladders, bucket catches, modified nets / courts and 25% low compression balls. Toddlers learn to recognize, and play, three of the five major shots of tennis: the forehand, backhand and forehand volley.

When pupils are competent at doing numerous fundamental motor skills and are able to successfully do a combination of forehand, backhand and forehand volley they are ready for Launch Pad stage two.

Launch Pad 2 [4-5 years]

Stage two of the Launch Pad program encourages kids to learn basic reception skills: movement, anticipation and body positioning. Pupils will be made to move to the ball and learn the footwork cycle of: ready, run, recover.  They will also be able perform a basic forehand, backhand, forehand volley and smash combination and to develop an under-arm serve. Once competency is achieved at this level pupils are ready to commence rallying with each other.

At this stage kids are ready for RED BALL Stage 1 lessons! 

To see all our coaching competencies for all levels of our Hot Shots [3-12yr old] program click here – Hot Shots Program Competencies for Red, Orange and Green. All pupils/parents in our Hot Shots program receive a Report Card assessing pupils development once per semester.


We start kids Futures!

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Launch Pad Coaching

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Toddler Launch Pad