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The Launch Pad program starts the Hot Shots journey for 3-5 year old’s. This popular program concentrates on having the "learning environment" scaled to the size of a toddler and has two sub stages, level 1 and 2. Our small groups guarantee toddlers will develop skills transferable to all sports in a fun and dynamic environment. By using scaled equipment to match the size of the pupil: small 21 inch racquet, 25% low compression ball, small red ball court we make the game "FIT" the kids.

Launch Pad 1 [3-4 years]

Pupils will be competent at:

1] Performing Fundamental motor skills which are the basic building blocks to develop specific tennis skills: rolling & tracking, throwing, bouncing & catching, dodging, static & dynamic balance, running, jumping and striking off a stay ball stand. Other teaching aids used include balance beams, ladders, bucket catches and 25% low compression balls.

2] Stroke recognition: learn to recognise the three major shots of tennis the forehand, backhand & forehand volley.

3] Basic stroke development for: forehand, backhand and forehand volley.

Once pupils pass the HS Competency report at doing numerous fundamental motor skills and are able to recognise and successfully do a combination of forehand, backhand and forehand volley they are ready for Launch Pad stage two.

Launch Pad 2 [4-5 years]

Pupils will be competent at:

1] Reception skills: reading the flight of a moving ball, anticipating and body positioning. Pupils will be made to move to the ball and learn the footwork cycle of: "ready, run, recover".

2] Pupils will be able to perform a coach fed basic forehand, backhand, forehand volley and smash combination and to independently do a drop & hit under-arm serve.

Once pupils pass the HS competency report at this level pupils are ready to commence rallying with each other and therefore graduate to the RED BALL Stage 1 course.  

To see all our coaching competencies for all levels of our Hot Shots [3-12yr old] program 2021 CLICK HERE– Hot Shots Program Competencies for Red, Orange and Green.

All pupils/parents in our Hot Shots program receive a Report Card assessing pupils development once per semester.



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