Solway Primary School - Tennis Lessons

Futures conducts in school coaching for all preps to grade 4 at Solway Primary School Monday to Thursday during lunch times from 12.50 -1.50pm inside the gym. Classes are very popular. With no rain, wind or sun to content with kids learn the basics quite easily to serve, rally and score!

As students improve most pupils will transition to after school club tennis coaching at either East malvern TC or Ardrie Park TC which are both just a few minutes away.

Marcus, our full time coach, and former student at Solway conducts the classes.

To avoid inclement weather all classes are conducted inside the gymnasium. We conduct Red and Orange Ball Hot Shot classes with modified pressure less balls and equipment.

You must attend Solway Primary to be able to attend coaching. School coaching caters for all pupils from Prep to Grade 3. As pupils progress they are encouraged to join external coaching at East Malvern Tennis Club which is only 500 metres away after school or on week-ends.

School coaching is convenient, fun and a great way to learn the basics of the game. The Head Coach of Solway is Marcus Djuric who is a qualified TA coach and former pupil of Solway Primary School [refer to coach profile]. For all class changes please contact Marcus directly on his mobile on 0409 862 120. For bookings contact our office on 9528 6375.


For all enquiries please call our office on [03] 9813 8484 or enquire here: