Restringing Services

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Professional Restring Services  

Let our professional staff recommend a tension and type based upon whether you are a:

  • aggressive baseliner;
  • a counter puncher;
  • a serve and volleyer or
  • an all-rounder!

Futures Tennis Restring Card

Members of all the clubs we coach from and all clients of Futures Tennis Academy receive a members card.                                                                The fifth restring is for FREE.

We offer three choices based on standard:

Polyester – Has revolutionized the game and by adding more topspin than ever before!  Suited for the serious player.

Synthetic Gut – Traditional synthetic gut suited for a cheaper option recreational player.

Kevlar or/& blends – Best suited for the player wanting to create their own blend of Kevlar and Synthetic gut.


Our HEAD electronic restring machine is the latest technological machine on the market.