FAST4 Comp [5.30-7pm]

The FAST4 comp is on Friday from 5.30-7 pm and is the most advanced comp within our "in house" competition.

Many players also play Club Competitions and use this format as a warm up, or some players due to week-end school sport commitments, play this comp as there only means of playing match play.

Other just play it because of the COOL format! This doubles comps is ideal for squad pupils. The pizza & presentation night end of season party is always a huge hit with pupils.

Scores are awarded for 2 points for attending, 1 point for a draw, 2 points for a win. 

[NB: In the unlikely event of a draw at the end of the term, a count-back on the HIGHEST TOTAL ATTENDANCES of each player for the term will determine the winner of the competition.]


We start kids Futures!

FAST4 LADDERS Term 4 2017: Scores are up to date as at 11/12/17

[Format - 30 minute matches, no lets, sudden death at deuce]

Winner: Athanasios Pirpiris, Runner Up: Kanella Pirpiris

Ailinh Nguyen  
Ruben McCristal  
Athanasios Pirpiris  
Connie Kennedy  
Emma Watkins  
Jack Finalyson  
James Ellis  
Kanella Pirpiris  
Sebastian Brasington   
Max Roda  
Misty Patane  
 Ethan Oyston